Corona Time

Corona Time is the new video from Spoonful Of Blues. The song was written while the world was in lockdown, and recorded live in Juke Joint Studio when Norway opened up a little and the regulations in Norway allowed us to do so. Corona Time is dedicated and recirded in solidarity with everyone affected by the ingoing pandemic. People around the world suffer from Covid-19, and it is at this time by no means over. Norway is doing better now, but in many countries the infection is still increasing. This is about the blues we all experience and have in common right now. We hope and pray that things are going to be well and that we all will return to normal soon.

Corona Time is written by Jostein Forsberg and Morten Omlid. It is engeneered by Baard Gunnar Moe and filmed by Halvor Halvorsen and Anne Lene Nordboe. All in Juke Joint Studio, Notodden, Norway. The video is made by Halvor Halvorsen.

Spoonful Of Blues are:

  • Jostein Forsberg: vocals, harmonica
  • Morten Omlid: guitar
  • Tony Caddle: bass
  • Eskil Aasland: drums

The audio single is released across all digital platforms by Bluestown Records on Friday July 3.