Open Air Blues in Romania

Held at the foot of the Nemira Mountains, the first edition of the Open Air Blues in the garden festival meant two days of concerts with five bands a day, eight from Romania and two from Serbia: Szabo Zsolt Quintet, Marcian Petrescu and Night Train, Mike Godoroja & Blue Spirit, Iris-Nelu Dumitrescu and Rares Totu Midnight Sun on the first day, and The Southern Cockroaches, Ana Radzic & Blue Family Reunion Band, Sir Blues Vali Răcilă, Florin Giuglea Trio and AXiS on the second day. The motto of the 2020 festival was #LegendsNeverDies

Twenty volunteers ensured the smooth running of the event, from public access – where an epidemiological triage was carried out, taking into account the Covid-19 pandemic, to welcoming the artists and providing accommodation and dining facilities for them, as well as permanent collaboration with local authorities and security and order services.

The musical art was combined with the gastronomic art, at the same time with the blues festival, taking place an exhibition of traditional products, eco and bio, made in the households of the peasants from  Troșului Valley.

We look forward to seeing you at the second edition of 2021, which will take place on August 27, 28 and 29, and the evening of August 28, 2021 is a special one, which we have entitled “Ladies’ Night.”