Harp Attack VI

Last weekend Bulgary had become European’s capital of harmonica hosting two triple-harmonica shows. The event was called Harp Attack, organized by Boris Totev, and put together 3 european harp players taking turns on stage, supported from a backing band. The band was composed by Miroslav Naydenov and Marcello “Billy” Tempesta on guitars, Youlian Traykov on bass and Pablo Leoni on drums. The first show took place in Delta Blues Bar, Sofia on October the 25th. The day after the show moved to Rock n’ Bar, located in Plovdiv. The harmonica players involved were Andrea Capurso (Italy), Andras Kőhalmi (Hungary), Franco Limido (Italy).

The shows has been opened by Andrea Capurso, a young italian harmonica player (24 years old) that proposed a classic Chicago blues set, playing classic songs by Sonny Boy Williamson II, Big Walter Horton, Little Walter and James Cotton. Andrea Capurso wanted to pay tribute to the Chicago harmonica masters, with this set that have seen him for the first time leading a band and singing, backed by Marcello “Billy” Tempesta on guitar, Youlian Traykov on bass and Pablo Leoni on drums. Andras Kőhalmi ran another classical set presenting traditional blues songs like “Caledonia” and “Talk To Your Daughter” but playing in a more modern and technical way, due to his impressive playing skills renewed those masterpieces.

Andras Kőhalmi is cooperating with Miroslav Naydenov from several years, they played with Youlian Traykov and Pablo Leoni. Last but not least Franco Limido presented a full range set that spaced from blues classics such as “Sloppy Drunk” to songs written by himself. The set covered all shades of blues, with funky, Rhythm & Blues and classic roots blues sections. Franco Limido has a great live experiences and toured Europe many times with different projects, among the others the band is running with his brother Marco Limido: Limido Brothers, a duo with Nathan James, Gene Taylor. Franco Limido played with Marcello “Billy” Tempesta, Youlian Traykov and Pablo Leoni. Miroslav Naydenov is an experienced guitar player and singer that played in many european venues and festival in the last years, crucial exponent of the Bulgarian blues scene. Marcello “Billy” Tempesta is a Sofia based young italian guitar player (25 years old) that in the last few years is getting more and more appreciations for his style of playing.

Youlian Traykov is a bass player that took part of the most important blues experiences in Bulgary, he is running different musical projects, among others one with Miroslav Naydenov and a power trio with Marcello “Billy” Tempesta on vocals and lead guitar. Pablo Leoni is one of the most important italian blues drummers, he played with many of the greatest european and world blues representatives such as Sugar Blue, Andy J Forest, Jerry Dugger, Fiona Boyes, Kayla Brox, Giles Robson. At the end of the shows a final jam session took place involving all the musicians that played together a couple of tunes.

Bluesman from France in Bulgaria

Invited by Boris Totev from the Bulgarian Blues Association, French bluesman CadiJo performed in Sofia at the Delta Blues Bar, accompanied by local musicians, on Saturday, November 17th.
As soon as he arrived at the airport, Georgi Dimov, the boss of the Delta Blues Bar welcomed him and during the whole stay, everybody took care of CadiJo with a rare and friendly hospitality. On Friday night, with Boris, they went to a jazz jam at the Jazz Bar. The musicians there had a breathtaking level. Be-bop, swing, Cuban jazz, etc., everything has passed with brilliance, panache, emotion and virtuosity. CadiJo played with them Alligator Bogaloo by Lou Donaldson and it was a real treat.
A big thank to Denis Apov (acoustic guitar) for the acoustic part particularly appreciated by the public. All CadiJo gratitude for Miroslav (electric guitar), Axel Yordanov (drums) and Youlian Traykov (bass) for the electric set, which they have mastered and energized the public as it should. His blues in French have received an attentive and warm thanks to these musicians who, not knowing him the day before, knew how to carry my repertoire to the height of his artistic requirement. That’s the blues!
CadiJo thanks also go to Georgi Dimov for his welcome in this very nice place that is the Delta Blues Bar and of course to Boris Totev for his availability of all times and the organization of this event, which also allowed to meet with Hungarian harmonica player Andras Kohalmi and other musicians and participants in the jam that followed.