Rules of the EBC 2013

The next Blues Challenge will be different to the earlier ones as the EBU Board has decided to establish two different categories:

  1. Solo/duo category
  2. Band category

It should be noted that each EBU country can be represented in only one of these categories.

The rules and evaluation of the performances and performers will be the same in each category and awards will be granted in both categories based on these evaluations.

The national selection of artist(s) in individual EBU countries to be sent to the EBC 2013 should follow the following guidelines:

  1. All EBU Active Members should be involved
  2. If there is only one or few Active Members in a country some other “experts” should be involved
  3. Artists that plan to participate cannot take part in the national selection procedure
  4. Some additional suggestions:
  • Establish a Jury of experts
  • If possible, organize some kind of national blues contest between the finalists
  • If possible, organize such a contest during a national festival
  • Select the artist(s) form a list of potential candidates
  • If a national contest cannot be organized, select representative(s) based on (promo) CDs

The deadline for announcing the national selection to the EBU Board is 15 November 2012.