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These are the main goals of the European Blues Union:

  • to promote blues in Europe;
  • to promote the global significance and reputation of European blues and roots music across the world, and in particular in Europe;
  • to encourage international exchanges and co-operation among the European blues festivals or other similar organisations;
  • to set up educational programs and to promote blues in schools;
  • to organize events, awards, etc.

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Join us as a Blues Fan

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  • EBU Fan: 20,00 EUR membership fee. You will receive access to the EBU newsletter.

The membership as a EBU Fan under the age of 18 years is free.

Join us as a Blues Professional and become an Active Member:

Go to: New Active Member Joining Form

  1. 100,00 EUR membership fee per year for individuals and small business/associations. Individual members and small business/associations will receive 1 free festival pass ticket for the annual European Blues Challenge for the Challenge nights.
  2. 200,00 EUR membership fee per year for large business/associations organizations, including 2 free festival pass tickets for the annual European Blues Challenge for the Challenge nights.

Members who generate a general turnover or receipts, subsidies included, of 15.000,00 EUR or more during the financial year previous to the application for admission are to be considered as a “large” business/association.

As an active member you will also have:

  • access to the news letters of the association
  • a free banner on the country webpage (contact your country responsible or
  • a free table at the annual Blues Market to present your activities in an informal setting, to meet, interact and communicate with other blues professionals, artists, media and enthusiasts from all over Europe
  • a right to vote at the General Assembly
  • Travel For Fans special 50 EUR discount on all trips!

Starting in 2015 we have a new EBU service related to our website. This is a special e-mail contact address serving all your potential inquiries relating to Blues in Your annual EBU memebrship fee includes this professional service to directly receive e-mail adresses of, e.g. festivals, clubs and musicians that may be to your interests. Do not hesitate to contact us via this powerful resource!

To be able to join the European Blues Union as an active member, the candidate must at least fulfil one of the following conditions:

  • perform or promote music both in his home country and in other countries, with the emphasis on blues and roots music;
  • represent a blues association, festival, a concert promoter, a booking agency, a radio or TV show or a magazine (on paper or on the internet), whose activity concentrates on blues and roots music;
  • be well informed about the blues & roots music and musical life of his own country or region, or be in a position to provide information and materials on blues musicians, composers, the blues & roots music and musical life of his home country or region.

Support the European Blues Union by becoming an active member!!


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