EBC Regulations


1) EBC Dates

The EBC will be held annually for two days on a weekend (Friday and Saturday) between 1 March and 30 June. The dates will be chosen by the EBU Board and will be announced at the latest 12 months before the scheduled event.

2) Nominations for Choosing the EBC Host City

a) All EBU Active Members may submit an offer for a host city of the EBC.

b) All candidatures need to be filed by the EBU member country responsible by electronic mail sent to the president, vice-president and secretary of the EBU.

c) Deadline for candidatures: Last working day before 25 December two years prior to the year when the event will take place.

d) Material to be sent detailing:

  • The venues that will host the EBC, the Blues Market and the General Assembly (GA) (information and web address) along with the respective rental costs.
  • Information about the accessibility of the location where the EBC will be held (airlines, trains … etc).
  • Information about hotels to accommodate the Active Members of the EBU and EBC musicians, with budget costs at the best available rates.
  • Budget that includes the technical requirements for the implementation of the EBC (sound and lighting equipment, backline and technicians).
  • Budget dedicated to logistics with free transportation for artists (airport – hotel – venue).
  • Planned budget on promotion.
  • Possibility to have volunteers and free media coverage of the event.
  • Possible third parties, sponsors and/or subsidies.
  • Subsidy requested from the EBU for the realization of the EBC, the GA and the Blues Market.

e) EBC and GA host city selection process: The secretary will communicate all received requests to the EBU Board via e-mail. There will be a selection of the two most interesting proposals at the next Board meeting. The two final candidates will be submitted to the vote of all EBU Active Members at the GA. Only one city can host the EBC and it must be selected at the GA between the two final candidates.

f) If there were no submissions or none of those submitted are approved by the Board, the EBC will be held at the same venue as in the previous year, subject to the approval of the previous organizers. If no country wants to organize the EBC, it will be postponed by one year.

g) The EBU shall be entitled to receive royalty fees (that will be fixed every year by the Board) from the organizer of the EBC. This payment needs to be made at the latest three months prior to the event. The EBU shall send an invoice to the organizer after receipt of the payment.

h) Tickets control: The EBU is the sole entity responsible for managing all the money from the sale of tickets, unless organization of the event was explicitly licensed by the EBU to the local organizer. The EBU must be informed by the organizer of the event about all applicable taxes and payment terms that must be covered in the country where the EBC will be realized.

i) If more than one EBU Active Member wants to take initiative in organizing the national selection in its country, the dispute shall be solved by applying following rules:

  • A national organization that aims to coordinate the blues scene in the respective country, and which is recognized as such by the international blues community, shall have priority.
  • If the previous condition is not fulfilled, seniority as an EBU Active Member shall prevail.
  • In case of equal seniority, the dispute shall be resolved according to article 11 of the present regulations.

3) Notification of Participating Musicians at the EBC

There is a contact person in each country, called “country responsible”, who’s responsible for announcing to the President of the EBU and to the EBU Board if his/her country will participate at the next EBC. The following deadlines must be followed by the contact person:

a) Notification of participation: 10 September of the year preceding the EBC.

b) Notification of the name of the band/performer and names of each band member and their instruments: 15 November of the year preceding the EBC.

c) The band’s curriculum, rider, high-resolution photo and a song title to be included on the EBC compilation CD, including a copyright waiver of the band and their label: 30 November of the year preceding the EBC.

A maximum of 20 acts will be allowed at the EBC on a first-come first served basis.

Country selection of the bands participating at the EBC

Each country will be required to select their representatives by an association or a corporate organization that involves collaboration of blues enthusiasts, festival organizers, mass media and blues musicians of this country, or by a magazine specializing in blues, or by a festival or association that has organized a previous challenge, or by other media (radio, TV,…).

The method of the election of the musicians shall be objective, transparent and retraceable. The selection process needs to be communicated to the President and the Board of the EBU simultaneously with the notification mentioned under article 3a of these regulations.

The Board shall be entitled to make an inquiry on the national selection process.

All the selected musicians must accept the EBC Contest Rules which cover a set of conventions.

4) Contest Rules

a) Each country with EBU members can bring only one band to the EBC. The total number of band members is limited up to 10 people.

b) All the musicians of the contestant bands must reside in the country they represent.

c) At least 50% of the members of the contestant bands must possess the nationality of the country they represent.

d) The name of the band and the names of all musicians of the band and their instruments must be clearly announced. The specified musicians should be present at the EBC, unless there is a force majeure cause preventing their participation.

e) All members of the contestant bands must commit to pay for their own travel and accommodation costs at the host city  for at least a 2-night stay, and be available to compete either on the fist or on the second day of the EBC. Participating countries can have sponsors to provide funding support to their bands.

f) The winning (1st and 2nd place) bands of previous EBCs may not participate again. The other participating bands which have not won may compete again after a period of five years.The musicians of the bands who have participated in previous editions of the EBC may participate individually as members of other musical groups after previous two editions of the EBC.

g) Participating bands cannot claim any financial remuneration for performing at the EBC.

h) Participating bands may bring merchandise to spread their music and to be sold in a dedicated shop at the entrance of the EBC.

i) In case the nominated band or artist is not able to attend the EBC due to force majeure reasons, the country in question can appoint the band or artist who finished second at their national selection or in a previous challenge.

j) Each band can bring one accompanying person to the EBC.

k) Each contesting band explicitly authorizes the EBU and/or the organizer to make video recordings of their performance for promotional use only.

5) Compilation CD

Previous to each edition of the EBC the EBU Board will make an enquiry whether a record company, by preference a company that is Active Member of the EBU, is prepared to manufacture the compilation CD accompanying the EBC. The candidates will be invited to make a proposal containing the following information:

a) Cost of production of 1000 promotional CDs.

b) Cost of shipping 10 CDs to a nominated representative of each EBU country.

c) Cost of shipping 10 CDs to all EBU Board members who wish to receive these copies

d) Cost of shipping the remaining CDs to the relevant EBC host city to be distributed to EBU Active Members attending the GA (one copy each) and to sell the remaining copies during the EBC.

e) Record company’s info and taxation data.

If there’s more than one candidate to produce the compilation CD the Board will make the selection. Record companies who are Active Member of the EBU will be selected by preference.

6) Performance Order of the EBC Bands

The chairman of the Event Committee of EBU will randomly select the performance order of the participating EBC bands. There will be a raffle with all names of the participating countries written on identical paper and deposited in an urn, to be extracted one by one. The first ticket will be the first country to compete on the first day and so on.

The dividing line between bands to play on the first or on the second day is obtained by dividing by two the total number of countries. If the total number is odd, then there will be one more band performing on the first night than on the second. The draw can be recorded and put on youtube at the EBU website if the Board considers it appropriate. The order of performance should be published on the EBU website on 1 January preceding the EBC.

7) EBC Awards

The EBU Board is in charge to search for EBC prizes and will establish a Working Committee to consult different festivals and other institutions for arrangements of potential awards or donations. All awards must be published on the EBU website providing complete details of the prizes awarded to all of the winners.

8) EBC Jury

The Jury Team shall be composed of a maximum number of six (6) persons, all having different nationality.

Each entity that sponsors an EBC award (festival, association, foundation, etc.) may propose one Member for the Jury and must certify that he/she has a high knowledge of blues and acknowledged prestige in his/her country. The total number of Jury Members appointed by the sponsors shall not exceed a maximum of three (3).

The EBU Board will invite the remaining Jury Members, also having a recognized reputation as a blues expert, until the Jury Team is complete comprising six Members. Two potential replacement Members will also be appointed by the Board.

A Jury Member may not vote for a contestant representing the country of his/her nationality. A mathematical correction (average of the quotations of all other Jury Members) shall be made in order to balance the figures.

The EBU will pay the accommodation costs of all Jury Members and two additional VIP guests acting as MCs. Their dinners and beverages at the venue will also be covered. Under no circumstances will their travel costs be reimbursed.

The list of Jury Members shall be defined by 1 January preceding the EBC, but will not be made ​​public until the start of the EBC.

All Jury Members will have an individual voting form for each act, which are judged based on the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • Instrumental talent
  • Vocal talent
  • Stage presence

Each category is scored by circling the appropriate number.

The categories are ranked in order of importance, from top to bottom. The winner shall be appointed according to this rank order in case of an equal score. If the equal score persists, the winner shall be proclaimed through a majority decision made by the Jury acting as a college.

The Jury Member will have the opportunity to give constructive written comments about each act with the objective to provide feedback on their performances.

The voting forms shall be collected each night after performance of the last competing act. A copy of the quotation sheets of the first EBC night shall be redistributed to the Jury Members at the beginning of the second night of the event, without the possibility to make any modifications.

9) Selling of CDs, Magazines, T-shirts, Merchandise at the EBC shop

a) There will be a shop selling goods at the entrance of the EBC concert hall.

b) Four volunteers will be provided by the organizers of the EBC to support the sales process.

c) All contestants who are EBU Active Members may bring their merchandise to be sold at the shop.

d) Record companies and musicians who are EBU Active Members may bring their merchandise to be sold at the shop.

e) No other association than EBU may sell its T-Shirts at the EBC shop.

f) The organizer of the event will make sure that a table will be available next to the merchandise sales table in order to allow musicians to sign autographs.

10) Payment for the EBC

The organizers of the event and the EBU Board will proceed with the liquidation of established economic agreements 30 days after the end of the EBC, the GA and the Blues Market.

11) Dispute Resolution

In case of a dispute about the selection process or the interpretation or the execution of the present regulations that cannot be solved amicably, the dispute shall be settled by a Committee composed of three EBU Board members after having heard all parties concerned. The decision of the Committee is final.

Download EBC Regulations in pdf here