EBC 2019 Program


The EBC 2019 playing order was determined by a raffle during the latest board meeting in Amsterdam:


Friday 5 April

  1. Hungary:                             György Ferenczi and The Rackajam
  2. Portugal:                             Delta Blues Riders
  3. Belgium:                             Black Cat Biscuit
  4. Romania:                            Rares Totu’s Midnight Sun
  5. Estonia:                               Hilbert’s Problems
  6. Poland:                                The Smooth Gentlemen
  7. Spain:                                  Big Yuyu
  8. Norway:                              Geir Bertheussen Blues Express
  9. Switzerland:                       Manu Hartmann & the City Blues Band
  10. Germany:                           Richie Arndt Band
  11. France:                              Elise & The Sugar Sweet

Saturday 6 April

  1. Italy:                                    The Drive
  2. Croatia:                              Tomislav Goluban Band
  3. Denmark:                           Trainman Blues
  4. United Kingdom:                Kyla Brox Quartet
  5. Finland:                              Jo’ Buddy & Down Home King III feat. Nieminen
  6. Luxembourg:                      Heavy Petrol
  7. Slovakia:                             Tony Bigmouth Pearson
  8. Greece:                               Sakis Dovolis Power Trio
  9. Netherlands:                     The Dynamite Blues Band
  10. Austria:                               Somerset Barnard Band
  11. Sweden:                             Marino Valle Band


Our distinguished Awarding Festivals will recognize the winners by booking them for their festivals.

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