EBC 2014 Tickets

EBU Active Members should first have renewed their membership for 2014 before buying EBC arrangements.
EBC Challenge:

Free entrance to Active Members, covering:

  • A 100 Euro member, 2 entrance passes for both days
  • A 200 Euro member, 4 entrance passes for both days

Both days tickets on pre-sale: EUR 25.61. Sale ends March 20.
Both days tickets on pre-sale (limited quantity): EUR 30. Sale ends April 10.
One day tickets at the door: EUR 18. April 11-12. No bank cards accepted. Cash only

Tickets for the general public:

Tickets for local audience are on sale at

Tickets for international audience are on sale at

There will be 1 and 2 day tickets available. Tickets will be more expensive at the door.
For media accreditation/press pass please follow this link: http://liverigablues.lv/eng/media/
If you have not yet renewed your EBU membership, we kindly remind that you should first have paid your membership fee for 2014 before booking any other arrangements.
VIP Arrangements are consumption arrangements and should not be confused with membership fees.