Blues Market 2017 Subscription Form

The undersigned active member of the non-profit association European Blues Union:


The subscriber :

  • is aware that the present subscription will only be effective under the condition that the EBU active membership fee 2017 has been paid.
  • acknowledges that the available number of stands at the open market is limited and that the “first come – first served” principle will be served, without any guarantee made by the EBU team.
  • acknowledges that the display surface is in principle limited to one table (130 cm – 60 cm).
  • accepts to present his/her activities / business in accordance with commitments, goals and rules of the European Blues Union.
  • will provide himself/herself all necessary documentation / presentation / equipment concerning his/her activities. Please bring a flag from your country!
  • acknowledges that the EBU team will not provide – if needed – additional electric power or other facilities.
  • acknowledges that he/she will solely be responsible for his/her stand and the displayed material, without any liability of the EBU for any injuries, damages, claims, losses and expenses arising out of the participation to the Blues Market.
  • will build up and disassemble his/her stand in accordance with the instructions and safety rules of the FÆNGSLET in Horsens and the EBU team. The exhibition hall will be open for installation on Friday April 7th as from 13:00 to 13:30. The hall will have to be cleared on Saturday April 8th at 17:00

The completed form needs to be filed before April 1st 2017 at the latest