EBC 2021 Postponed

Dear all, we really hope you and yours are well.

We all know how the pandemic is continuously affecting all planned and scheduled live music activities. We are continuously in contact with the Polish organizers of the EBC 2021, scheduled to be held in Chorzow next March. Unfortunately, we need to let you already now, that it is not realistic to organize the event in the given time frame. We are presently looking at later dates around late spring to early summer 2021.

We will keep you informed and will let you know as soon as we have more detailed information.

Thanking for your understanding.The EBU Board and the EBC 2021 Organizing Committee


Suwalki Blues Festival 2021 (Poland) granted by EEA

Suwałki Culture Centre has received a grant of over one and a half million zlotys (354.445,63 euros) from EEA Financial Mechanism program for implementation of the ‘Suwałki Blues Festival – a factor in the social and economic development of the Suwałki municipality’. Their partner is Notodden Blues Festival.

The main objective in this project is to expand the Suwalki Blues Festival with the thanks to cooperation with the Norwegian partner which, in the long term, will turn into social and economic development. They will be able to organize the future 14th edition of Suwałki Blues Festival 2021. It will be a special edition dedicated to Polish and Norwegian cooperation. During the festival, they will organize over 26 blues concerts, Polish Blues Challenge contest, workshops, joint concert, and a Blues Playground for the youngest blues fans. All of this will conclude with a Suwałki Blues Festival CD, which will promote the project.

The organizers of Suwałki Blues Festival –one of the biggest open-air blues festivals in Poland-, are convinced that the future edition of the festival will be unique. They invite all blues fans, supporters and friends of the festival to the event in 2021!

Congratulations! This is a good example of blues cooperation across borders and that the blues is active and alive in Europe!


All our members have received a Mask with the EBU logo, a small present and a small step against Coronavirus, with the hope that we will soon be back to our “normal” life and blues music will fill all events that has been cancelled/postponed. As EBU board we are in the front line and we wish to send you the warmest hugs and kisses with these pictures!

Davide Grandi – EBU President

Pertti Nurmi – EBU Vice President 

Winne Penninckx – EBU Treasurer

Roser Infiesta, Mrs. Zúmel – Secretary


Marie Tarrach Bävholm – EBU Board member

Fred Delforge – EBU Board Member

Kjell Inge Brovoll – EBU Board Member

Jorden Wouter – Special EBU Assistant 

Open Air Blues in Romania

Held at the foot of the Nemira Mountains, the first edition of the Open Air Blues in the garden festival meant two days of concerts with five bands a day, eight from Romania and two from Serbia: Szabo Zsolt Quintet, Marcian Petrescu and Night Train, Mike Godoroja & Blue Spirit, Iris-Nelu Dumitrescu and Rares Totu Midnight Sun on the first day, and The Southern Cockroaches, Ana Radzic & Blue Family Reunion Band, Sir Blues Vali Răcilă, Florin Giuglea Trio and AXiS on the second day. The motto of the 2020 festival was #LegendsNeverDies

Twenty volunteers ensured the smooth running of the event, from public access – where an epidemiological triage was carried out, taking into account the Covid-19 pandemic, to welcoming the artists and providing accommodation and dining facilities for them, as well as permanent collaboration with local authorities and security and order services.

The musical art was combined with the gastronomic art, at the same time with the blues festival, taking place an exhibition of traditional products, eco and bio, made in the households of the peasants from  Troșului Valley.

We look forward to seeing you at the second edition of 2021, which will take place on August 27, 28 and 29, and the evening of August 28, 2021 is a special one, which we have entitled “Ladies’ Night.”

Corona Time

Corona Time is the new video from Spoonful Of Blues. The song was written while the world was in lockdown, and recorded live in Juke Joint Studio when Norway opened up a little and the regulations in Norway allowed us to do so. Corona Time is dedicated and recirded in solidarity with everyone affected by the ingoing pandemic. People around the world suffer from Covid-19, and it is at this time by no means over. Norway is doing better now, but in many countries the infection is still increasing. This is about the blues we all experience and have in common right now. We hope and pray that things are going to be well and that we all will return to normal soon.

Corona Time is written by Jostein Forsberg and Morten Omlid. It is engeneered by Baard Gunnar Moe and filmed by Halvor Halvorsen and Anne Lene Nordboe. All in Juke Joint Studio, Notodden, Norway. The video is made by Halvor Halvorsen.

Spoonful Of Blues are:

  • Jostein Forsberg: vocals, harmonica
  • Morten Omlid: guitar
  • Tony Caddle: bass
  • Eskil Aasland: drums

The audio single is released across all digital platforms by Bluestown Records on Friday July 3.

EBU Membership Fee

Because of the exceptional Covid-19 circumstances, the EBU will extend the present membership with one year. The current 2020 memberships will continue until the end of 2021. Consequently, members who join(ed) in 2020 will enjoy a membership until the end of next year. Why do not consider to become now a member and extend your new membership to the end of 2021? In this way you will take advantage of it and help us to continue promoting the blues during these real difficult times. Read more at: https://www.europeanbluesunion.com/membership-rules/

EBC 2020 T-Shirt and Cap SALE!

As everyone knows unfortunately we had to cancel, together with BiZ and DBF, EBC 2020 in Zaandam.

Anyway the gadgets prepared for the event are available at this webpage:


Don’t miss the opportunity to grab your collector’s item (the only “ghost” EBC with his t-shirt and cap)!!

As stated on the website:

“The original non-event-by-Covid-19-T-shirt and -cap. Makes you never forget an event that never was.”

Fernando Jones Blues Camp Chicago goes Online!

Europe and USA are closer than ever!

Due to the lockdown the Fernando Jones Blues Camp in Chicago will take place “virtually” online and students could enjoy it from all over the world. On July young musicians will be able to enjoy this fantastic xperience via Zoom.

A great opportunity for European Young Musicians, and it will be completely free!

Young students that would like to be part of this experience should send their applications and Mr. Fernando Jones will select with an audition the final accepted participants.

Age: from 12 to 18 years old

Deadline for applications: June 1st

Info: https://www.blueskids.com/chicago

Applications: https://www.blueskids.com/early-bird

Blues Camp Online: From July 5th to July 10th

Donations: https://www.blueskids.com/donate


Dear Blues Lovers

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the EBU has been working  closely with the local EBC organziers, BIZ and DBF, to find a solution for the EBC 2020. Unfortunately it is with regret that the event has to be cancelled.

Here is the official communicate by BIZ and DBF:

Press release 

European Blues Challenge 2020 cancelled

“Were we not all looking forward to that exiting battle between the 25 top blues-acts of Europe which would have taken place in Zaandam April 17 and 18? Volunteers had slept extra and eaten healthy to be fit and do their utmost in offering a spectacular program. Even a cruiseship was berthed next to the venue to make the distance between overnight stay and performance as small as possible. Children would have been schooled in playing the blues and the centre of Zaandam was vibrating with blues-notes. The 10th edition of the European Blues Challenge, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the Dutch Blues Foundation (DBF), was going to be a succes.

All that remains now is that bluesy feeling, unworn T-shirts and a useless scenario.

After careful deliberation the DBF and the Blues in Zaanstad Foundation (BiZ) have come to the conclusion that hosting the 10th edition of the European Blues Challenge in 2020 (EBC2020) has become an unrealistic dream. As such what was first declared postponed is now a cancelled event.

DBF and BiZ will propose to the European Blues Union (EBU) to host the event in the years to come. We trust that she will honor this request, but we do not know the outcome as yet.

Information will be conveyed as soon as decisions are taken and location and dates are confirmed.

We are saddend by the severe consequences of the pandemic and hope that we can all pull through with our health intact.

Be and stay safe

Tickets sold will be payed back. Please give us some time to make that possible”.

The whole EBU community warmly thank BIZ and DBF for the amazing work they have done and their continuous commitment to make EBC 2020 happen. More news will follow soon.